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15 December 2008

december bunco

we played BUNCO at mary's house on wednesday night. it snowed! actual SNOW! it was CHRISTMAS BUNCO and that meant a long night of friends, food, and dice. :) we ate ham, green bean casserole, cheesy potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping and salad. there was pumpkin pie with cool whip for dessert. we drank lots of wine too.

most buncos (3) MICHELE
most wins STEPH S
2nd most wins LIZ
most losses MARY
last bunco DARLENE

MICHELE actually had the official last bunco but she also tied for most buncos with STEPH S who also had most wins. so a roll-off was in order. STEPH S ended up with most wins, MICHELE with most buncos and DARLENE with last bunco of the night. the prize was a beautiful metal angel.

we played a "left/right" game to the story "twas the night before christmas" and exchanged gifts. there were lots of pretty things. plus some extra gifts from some of the ladies that made the night special.

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